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    CRMA members can count on United Bank to deliver solutions to help you succeed.

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    Sign up for CMRA's no-hidden-fees credit card processing program and receive a $50 credit on your account!

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    CRMA is partnering with the utilities to bring this money saving, turnkey program, to our members.

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    FREE comprehensive analysis of your business's energy needs. Save up to 15% on your energy bills!

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    Leverage the buying power of our 3000+ retailers to reduce your costs today!

Together We're Stronger

At CRMA, our job is to advocate for you.  We are your voice in the halls of the State Capitol, with service providers, and with the news media. Your membership in CRMA makes you part of an exclusive group that includes some of the world’s largest retailers and best Main Street merchants. Membership instantly makes your voice, and retailing’s collective voice, more powerful at the State Capitol where the laws that impact your business are devised and approved. ... Read More

Latest from the CRMA

As a Connecticut retailer, you are a member of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association. Our job is to represent you, to make sure your voice is heard at the State Capitol as legislators consider laws that would impact your business, and to provide attractive benefits that can help your business on the bottom line.

We take these responsibilities seriously, and recognize that there is strength in numbers. Fortunately, there is much good news to share, and we’re stepping up efforts to communicate with you, our members, and seek your feedback and input.

We have upgraded our website, featuring the latest retail news – local and national – more prominently.  And we have launched an electronic newsletter, Retail Update, which you will receive regularly, with the latest news and information to keep you informed on matters than can make a difference in your business. Please keep an eye out for Retail Update, in your email every month. It’s free. More about CRMA.  

Retail Across America: Connecticut

Smart Brief

Bricks-and-mortar retailers looking for a reboot need go no further than their physical space for a new lease on sales. Stores have the ability to generate pure profit through the retail space they already have, simply by using bricks-and-mortar locations as an events space after hours. Read more from NRF
It has been two years since vintage apparel retailer ModCloth became the first fashion company to sign a pledge stating it would not alter the shape, size, proportion, color and/or physical features of any people featured in its ads. At the time, there were hopes that others would follow suit. Read more from NRF