Do no harm was the theme for the 2016 Legislative session

Thursday, July 07, 2016

The 2016 legislative session saw the General Assembly and the Malloy administration take a very pro-business approach to any legislation that was introduced. Whether it was as a result of the numerous business taxes that were adopted during the 2015 session, or the upcoming political season with all members of the legislature facing re-election, the General Assembly’s recurring theme throughout the session was “no harm to business. ” The “short” session, which began in February, ended on time in early May.

For CRMA, issues continued to arise, even in the context of the “no harm” session.  Among those where changes to Connecticut’s Gift Card law (PA 16-140), allowing payroll cards and the creation of various task forces that were created and CRMA monitored, during and after the legislative session.

As always, we appreciate all the help we receive from our Legislative Committee of retailers throughout the session, providing us with valuable input on the potential impact of various legislative proposals on retailer businesses. And we are also extremely grateful to the work of Jane Murphy of the Government Affairs group of Murtha Cullina, assisting CRMA in the day-to-day work of advocacy for retailers at the Capitol.

You can look back at the various twists and turns during this legislative session by reviewing our weekly legislative report, Friday Facts, by visiting our website  Click on the Friday Facts tab.

If you would like to be part of the CRMA legislative effort, please reach out to Cathy in our office at and we will get you plugged in right away.