Small Business Energy Advantage Program

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Small Business Energy Advantage Program?

A: The Small Business Energy Advantage program is a comprehensive, turnkey program tailored to small, lower energy-use businesses that may not have the resources or in-house expertise to focus on energy efficiency. The program is one of many energy-saving Energize Connecticut business and residential programs offered through Connecticut Light & Power and The United Illuminating Company.

Q: How does the Small Business Energy Advantage Program work?

A: The program begins with a FREE energy assessment of the facility by a utility-authorized contractor. Based on the audit findings, a proposal for energy-efficient upgrades is created, reviewed by CL&P or UI, and sent to the retailer for review. There is NO obligation to participate beyond the free audit.

Q: Will taking part in this program be financially possible for my small business?

A: Thanks to Energize Connecticut attractive financial incentives, much of the cost of the project may be covered. Some of the energy-saving measures available through this program include: lighting and controls, refrigeration controls, HVAC replacements, programmable thermostats, compressed air systems, variable frequency drives and various natural gas measures. In addition, on-bill financing is available. In many cases, a cash positive scenario can be created; your CL&P/UI bill may actually be LESS with the loan repayment than before the energy upgrades were made.

Q: Have any other local businesses participated in the Small Business Energy Advantage Program?

A: Since the start of this program many Connecticut-based small businesses have benefited from the Small Business Energy Advantage program. Once Upon a Child made the move towards energy efficiency with the help of this program and Bill Selig Jewelers is now saving hundreds on their utility bill. You can read Bill Selig Jewelers success story here.

Q: How can I learn more about and sign up for the Small Business Energy Advantage Program?

A: The Connecticut Retail Merchants Association would be more than happy to facilitate your participation in this money saving program. For more information, please contact Tim Phelan at (860)527-1044 or via email at

Tim Phelan has served in a number of positions in State Government both in the Executive and Legislative Branches. Since joining CRMA in 1995, Tim has been instrumental in the growth of the association. Representing retailer’s interest at the state capital, CRMA has become the leading voice of retailing in Connecticut. Most recently, Tim was instrumental in forming the CRMA Charitable and Educational Foundation. Mr. Phelan is a lifelong resident of Milford, CT where he lives with his wife Cindy, and their 4 daughters Kiley, Anna, Margaret and Alessandra.