Credit Card Processing

Credit Card Processing

CRMA has partnered with the Michigan Retailer’s Association’s Retailer’s Processing Network, the largest non-profit credit card processing service in America. Together we have custom designed credit card programs that offer such benefits as:

No Hidden Fees: Hidden fees in credit processing systems cost businesses thousands of dollars each year. Typical fees include Chargebacks, Voice Authorization Fees, Monthly Minimum Penalties, Application Fees and Programming Fees.

Reduced or Eliminated Cash Reserves: Now, any company that must tie up capital by establishing a large cash reserve with a processor can eliminate or reduce its reserve by processing through CRMA. Businesses can pull back cash reserves into their operations to pay for new inventory or improvements.

Unparalleled Support: CRMA offers 24/7 support from real people, not computers.

Online Transactions: CRMA allows you to take credit card payments on your web site at reduced costs.

Data Breach Protection: Coverage from CRMA and Royal Group Services Ltd, LLC provides up to $100,000 of protection (with no deductible).

Between the elimination of hidden fees and the reduction or elimination of cash reserves, your savings could total thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars each year ... without compromising service!