Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Lighting is one of the first things people think of when you mention energy efficiency. Upgrading to high performance fluorescent lighting, LEDs and induction lighting all result in a lower electricity bill; especially when paired with occupancy sensors. However, there are a number of other energy-consuming devices in your facility to consider.

Upgrading to high efficiency heating, ventilation and cooling equipment and adding programmable thermostats can lead to substantial energy savings. The addition of variable frequency drives and premium-efficiency motors also help lower energy consumption. How about your natural gas equipment? Energy is more than electricity. If you have natural gas heating or kitchen equipment, you can save there, too.

Small Business Energy Advantage is an Energize ConnecticutSM program brought to you by Connecticut Light & Power and The United Illuminating Company. CRMA is partnering with the utilities to bring this turnkey program to businesses such as yours throughout the state.

The Small Business Energy Advantage program begins with a no-cost, no-obligation assessment of the energy-consuming devices in your facility then offers you the opportunity to make energy-saving upgrades through a utility-approved contractor. You can receive up to 50% of the installed cost in financial incentives and finance the remainder of the project right on your utility bill. the monthly energy savings from many projects often result in a cash-positive scenario so you save money right away.

CRMA can help facilitate your participation in this one-stop energy saving service. Contact Cathy at the CT Retail Merchants Association at 860 527-1044 or email her at to learn more and sign up for your energy assessment.