Together We're Stronger

Together We're Stronger

At CRMA, our job is to advocate for you.  We are your voice in the halls of the State Capitol, with service providers, and with the news media. Your membership in CRMA makes you part of an exclusive group that includes some of the world’s largest retailers and best Main Street merchants. Membership instantly makes your voice, and retailing’s collective voice, more powerful at the State Capitol where the laws that impact your business are devised and approved.

When asked “what our members think” about a particular issue or proposed new law, policy or tax, the individual asking the question – whether a legislator, reporter, or service provider - listens intently and cares about the CRMA response, because CRMA is a well-respected voice for retailers in Connecticut.

Influencing Policy that Impacts Retailers

Together with your fellow retailers, you can help shape policy alongside such important elected officials as members of the General Assembly, commissioners of state agencies and the Governor’s Office. Each legislative session, members of the General Assembly and the Governor’s Office seek out CRMA leadership to learn more about CRMA’s position on specific issues. And when meetings are held with individual members of the General Assembly, being able to share the views of retailers like you back in their home districts, provides CRMA with the ability to make a powerful impression. The more we stand together on issues, the more we can effect change. Politicians respond; and CRMA has seen it firsthand, time after time.

Financial Benefits of Strength in Numbers

The growing number of retailers that are members of CRMA also has an impact on the way vendors react to us. Think about it for a moment: you know that the bigger the buying power the better leverage you have in any service you purchase. At CRMA we know what it takes to run a retail business. There is no getting around the fact that you need certain services: you need to power up your store, you need to accept credit cards, you need to have business insurance, and to compete in today’s world you need the latest technology to reach your customers. CRMA offers all of those services and more, and as we continue to grow, our buying power will keep getting stronger.

There is strength in numbers, and at CRMA we know that the more retailers we have participating in our programs and utilizing the benefits we offer, the stronger CRMA will become on your behalf.  Thank you for your continued support.  Your input and feedback is always welcome.